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Ecommerc Shopping

The most successful online businesses have e-commerce solutions that are simple, easy-to-use and are a rewarding experience for the customer
It is these fundamental, but often overlook, principles that lead Oracle Studio to develop its own scalable e-commerce software. It is so easy to use that a customer can move from the product description to the payment page in only two clicks.

But it's not only your customers that will find it a pleasure to use. Oracle Studio's ecommerce system is available as an extra module on Oracle.CMS giving you everything you need to do business online, keep site content up to date and stay in touch with customers. All the solutions and web tools are in the one place

E-commerce system Features include

-♦ Unlimited products and categories support
-♦ Administration area secured with a username and password
-♦ Editing of categories, products, manufacturers and customers
-♦ Manage sale items and produce coupon-based promotional campaigns

-♦ Customized product quick search and advanced search features
-♦ Accept numerous off-line and secure on-line payment processing options
-♦ ustomers can view their order history and order status
-♦ Search engine friendly development, allowing individual products to be indexed by Google

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